Frequently Asked Questions

Program fees

Your ground fee covers your hotel, all meals, all ground transportation, etc., at $85 per day or fraction of a day. You are welcome to be present for all or some of the yagya days.

Kanchipuram is located about 70 km miles from Chennai. It is a small temple city that is home to the famous Shankar Mutt, as well as literally hundreds of wonderful temples including the Varadaraja Temple (Vishnu/Lakshmi), Kamakshi Temple (Divine Mother), and the Ekambeshwara (Shiva) Temple.
Kanchipuram weather

February is the most moderate time of year in Kanchipuram and daily temperatures are comfortably in the 70's.

The hot months are April and May when temperatures are usually over 100 F. each day. The rainy season is October - December when most of the annual rainfall of 50" falls.

Getting there

Chennai is easily reached. From the west coast of the US flights are available through Thai, Singapore, and Malaysia Airlines. East coast US flights generally fly to Europe (London or Frankfort) and from there direct to Chennai. I highly recommend Premium Economy on Thai Airlines. It is economical and much more comfortable than standard economy.

You need both a passport and visa. The visa is easily available through the India Visa Center here.

What to wear

Men: Those who want to participate in the pujas and yagyas will wear a dhoti. It is by far the most comfortable and versatile garment for the program. We will make a trip to a dhoti store where you can select the size and styles that you like. You Can bring white tee shirts or cotton short sleeved shirts.

Women: Kanchi is world famous for the beauty of the silk and cotton saris that are available at very reasonable prices. Saris are always appropriate although for daily wear a salwar kameez might be more practical. The first day of the program will include a shopping trip. You are welcome to dress however you are comfortable, but your shoulders and legs should be covered, particularly in public.

Your course expenses will need to be paid before the course begins. Once you arrive in India, just about the only thing that you will need to spend money on are souveniers and books, etc. Travellers checks are not advisable because they are difficult to cash in Kanchipuram. ATM cards work much better. Most people tend to travel with around $300-$500 cash. Exchanging dollars is very easy and the current exchange rate is a bit more than 40 rupees per US dollar.
The hotel that we stay at (Jaya Bala) is simple, but very comfortable. Each room features a comfortable bed, TV, and western shower and toilet. The hotel is only 2 km from the yagya facility and has the best vegetarian restaurant in the city. We'll take care of all your hotel reservations.
Kanchipuram is a small city and broadband internet access is not as readily accessible as we are used to in the US. There are internet cafes within walking distance of the hotel. Cost is about $1 per hour. We can also provide you with a wireless modem suitable for checking email, but be aware that high speed internet is not widely available.
and Video

You are more than welcome to bring your own digital and video cameras and there are no restrictions on photography except in the temples where it is not allowed in the inner sanctum.

We will be taking lots of still and video images and each participant will receive a copy of all the photos and videos.


We have a cell phone for course participants to use. Incoming calls are possible also. You will be given the cell number prior to the trip so your family can reach you easily.


One of the real pleasures of India is the great food! The restaurant in the hotel is inexpensive and open from 6 AM to 10 PM. The food is fantastic and very inexpensive.

At the yagya facility we have our own cook who will prepare a delicious breakfast and lunch each day. You have never had Indian food as good as this!

Health care

Staying healthy is relatively easy particularly if you use only use bottled water. We always have it in the yagya facility and it is always available in restaurants.

If you do happen to become ill, high quality care is readily available on short notice.

your trip
You are welcome to extend your trip after the yagyas and we can assist you in making reservations, suggesting itenararies, arranging for hotels, car and driver, etc. Understandably these expenses are not covered in the program costs.