Greetings from Ireland. I am writing to you to let you know my thoughts about our recent trip to India with yourself and Puja.net. Having had a deep interest in meditation, Indian philosophy and in particular vedic knowledge for the past 30 years, I was certainly looking forward to my first trip to India, and was hoping I would not be disappointed.

I say this as a number of friends & family had travelled there in the past with very mixed experiences. I had been warned that India would be a challenge and a bit a culture shock, to try and connect ones trip with spiritual matters was largely a hit and miss affair. With this all in mind I was careful not to allow my expectations get too high.

Well Ben, I just have to let you know the trip you organized to “Varanasi”, vastly exceeded my expectations. It’s true India is a bit of a culture shock & traveling there will always bring unexpected challenges. Having said that! you are to be sincerely congratulated for organizing the most comprehensively authentic yagya & puja programme, that I could ever have imagined. Right from the start, the programme was superb, from the peaceful rural settlement outside “Varanasi”, to the sacred sites and temples of the ghats.

The quality of the programme was so good its difficult to pick any one day as being the highlight. Each day brought new understanding & each new performance of yagya and puja deepened our experience and added to our great satisfaction. At this point I would also like to add my sincere appreciation and thanks to pundit Mishra and his priests for there great kindness and attention to detail, from their expert performance of the yagyas to the mindful hospitality they afforded us.

Not least I would like to thank Seetharama Sastry who was always on hand to explain and deepen our knowledge.

Ben, its only since arriving home and allowing the dust to settle that I realize the amount of work you must have put in behind the scenes to make this trip possible, its hardly credible and obviously a labour of love and dedication.

I Thank you for your time, dedication and care, and most of all for the most spiritually uplifting trip of my life, so far.

All I can say is that for anyone who is seeking the real deal and the true experience of yagya this is the trip for them.

Ben I look forward to 2008 and the new trips you may be planning , and to seeing the many friends we made from the last trip.

All the best and many thanks,

Michael Dwyer.