Maha Rudra and Shivaratri Yagya Series ($75) Feb. 18 thru Feb. 28
(includes Ganesha, 11 Day Maha Rudra, Shivaratri and Soma Yagyas)

The complete series of yagyas beginning with a 1008 offering Ganesha yagya, followed by the 11 day/11 priest Maha Rudra yagya. This will also mark the completion of our year long Ati Rudra Yagya of 14,641 repetitions of the Sri Rudram hymn from Yajur Veda. The final day includes a complete Rig Veda Soma yagya.

Additional yagas will include a 2 day, 50 priest Lakshmi Yagya in Pune. On the night of Shivaratri, yagyas will take place in Kanchipuram, 50 priests in Pune, and a 25 priest yagya in Varanasi (Shiva's city) followed by a 15 priest cooling yagya for Ganga in Varanasi.

Combine Shivaratri Yagya series (as listed above) with Daily Yagyas through March 31st ($97)

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Maha Sponsorship Subscription, billing monthly ($200/month)
Your participation as a "maha" sponsor includes all the special yagyas as well as every daily deity and planetary yagyas. This subscription is billed at a discounted rate of $200 monthly on an ongoing basis until you discontinue.

To learn more about this important Vedic ritual and the traditions associated with it, please click here. You will find a complete explanation of the festival, plus links to yagya videos, text and translation of Sri Rudram and Chamakam - the Vedic texts used in this ritual. Also available are 10 podcasts on Shiva and an MP3 library of over 100 Slokas and Hymns to Shiva as well as the full recitation of Rudram and Chamakam.