Ganesha, Eclipse and Rahu/Ketu Yagyas
$65 for all ten days; August 16-25

The 10 day program includes the following yagyas:

Ganesh Chaturthi 1000 Fruit and 1000 Modaka Yagya
Vinayaka Chaturthi (birthday) on August 25th.

Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and thus plays a major role in our enjoyment of life through material and spiritual success. Ganesh (or Vinayaka) Chaturthi celebrates his birthday and it is felt that at this time he is receptive to prayers and yagya offerings and gives his blessings freely.

This is our most festive and elaborate Ganesha yagya with offerings of 1,000 sweet modaka coconut treats and 1,000 offerings of fresh fruit starting on August 16th and continuing until Ganesh Chaturthi, his birthday; August 25th.

The purpose of these yagyas is to promote the enjoyment of a satisfying and enlightened life. Ganesha is the foundation of that process because he removes the obstacles that obstruct fulfillment. As such this yagya is an antidote to the chaos caused by the Solar Eclipse and Rahu/Ketu changing signs.


Rahu/Ketu Changing Signs Yagya
August 16-25, Kanchipuram

Rahu and Ketu change signs every 18 months and they will do so this year on September 9th. after Rahu causes a total solar eclipse that will cover the US on Monday, August 21st. Eclipses are valuable times for spiritual practices because they are greatly empowered by the eclipse. But eclipses also bring chaos in various ways so we are surrounding the eclipse date with Ganesha and Rahu/Ketu Yagyas.


50 Priest Lakshmi Yagya
August 15th & 16th, Pune
, India

A pundit once explained to me that yagyas are like knocking on the door of the divine asking for our desires to be fulfilled. You have to knock, he said, and knock and knock. More priests means more mantra repetitions and that means greater yagya power. A 50 priest yagya is a rare opportunity to build the foundation for greater wealth and overall abundance in life and because of the eclipse, this yagya will have added power.

10 Day Ganesha, Eclipse, Rahu/Ketu and
50 Priest Lakshmi Yagyas, includes all family members ($65)


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