Mrytunjaya Yagya Series for Health and Enlightenment
($65 for the entire family)

June 18-27

The Maha Mrytunjaya Mantra is one of the most powerful yagya mantras in the Vedic tradition. It is used when maintaining or recovering good health, for stabilizing inner peace and freedom from fear, and to promote the speedy development of enlightenment.

A team of six of our priests will perform this special yagya series in a series of ancient temples in Kanchipuram. Each day the yagya program will begin with a Shiva Abishekam and other yagyas for Ganesha and the Navagraha (nine planets), the Goddesses (Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati), and Vishnu.

The Mrytunjaya mantra will take up most of the five hour daily ritual. To be able to have this yagya performed in this sacred place, by priests who are exceptionally well qualified and experienced with this mantra, is a very rare opportunity.

The mantra's power is transcendent to it meaning but an english translation would be:

We bring to our awareness the three eyed one (Shiva)
Whose grace is as sweet as the fragrance of a flower
May he grant us liberation from fear and death
with the ease and quickness that one picks a ripe fruit

You can listen to a selection of seven different Mrytunjaya slokas by clicking here.
You can listen to a 25 minute podcast that explains Mrytunjaya mantra and tells
the story behind it by clicking here.

Please participate in this powerful and valuable yagya series.


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Shiva/Mrytunjaya Yagyas ($65) and
50 Priest Lakshmi Yagya (family included)

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Participate as a maha sponsor for 4 months and enjoy the daily yagyas, 10 day yagyas, plus the complete Rudra and Chandi yagyas.

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