Vishnu/Lakshmi Yagya series
for success, prosperity and alignment with natural law ($65)
March 16-25 in Kanchipuram plus March 14-7 in Pune

Our 10 Day March yagya program is focused on the Ten Avatars of Vishnu (Dasa Avatara) and on his wife Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and abundance.

Vishnu is the preserver of natural law and the protector of Dharma. The story of each incarnation is one in which balance and order is restored to life so that we can live in harmony, peace, and happiness.

By performing this yagya, we align ourselves with dharma/natural law, the results of which are an automatic reduction of obstacles, conflicts and difficulties in life. By including 4 days of 50 priest Lakshmi yagyas, we attract greater wealth and abundance.

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Please join us in this expansive and enjoyable series of yagyas.

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10 Day Vishnu and Lakshmi Yagyas ($65)
Complete Vishnu and Lakshmi Yagyas
plus Daily Yagyas thru April 17th,

Maha Sponsorship Subscription, billing monthly ($200/month)

Participate as a maha sponsor for 4 months and enjoy the daily yagyas, 10 day yagyas, plus the complete Rudra and Chandi yagyas.

Billing is by subscription and continues on a monthly basis until you discontinue.