Saturn and Navagraha Yagyas - Thurs. 11/16 to Sat. 11/25
($65 for the entire family)

with an optional semi-private Saturn Yagya ($115.00 additional)

Finally Saturn has left Scorpio (Vrischika) and moved into Sagittarius (Dhanus) and is in the process of regaining positive strength. This is an astrological milestone that marks the beginning of a new and more positive period individually and nationally.

Individually, this is a time when progress and forward direction will return to our lives. The frustrations of the past few months when Saturn was retrograde in dark and difficult Scorpio are over and won't return for almost 30 years.

Right now is the ideal time to perform yagyas to soften and enliven the Saturn energy in preparation for the next two years of Saturn's movement through Sagittarius. Because the lucky and spiritual planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, pacification of Saturn will automatically enhance the positive side of Jupiter as well attracting success, harmony, happiness, and spiritual advancement.

When Saturn is well balanced the benefits are substantial. Saturn is the planet that helps us see through the material world to find the spiritual. Saturn is structure and discipline in life, without which nothing gets accomplished. Saturn cultivates patience, persistence, and the search for deep inner truth.

When Saturn gives material blessings they are more permanent, like having money in a savings account, whereas the blessings of Jupiter tend to be more like having extra spending money. They are generally more temporary.

This month we will offer 10 days of yagyas in 10 different temples in Kanchipuram. Additionally we are going to offer semi-private yagyas in which each participant has their own priest who will perform a Saturn Yagya in one of the Kanchipuram Temples (more on this in a few days).

Please join us in this powerful and useful yagya series.

Please click here to enter names and birth data for you and the members of your family after you have made payment for the yagyas. You need only do this once when you sign up. We keep the names on file, although you can update them at any time.

Ten Day Saturn Yagyas only ($65, family included)
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Ten Day Yagyas plus Semi-private Saturn Yagya
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