Navagraha Temple Yagyas
Ten days of temple yagyas for the nine planets,
performed in Kumbakonam
($65 for all ten days; April 18 - 27)

This yagya series deepens and enhances our connection with each of the nine planets to promote balance and success in the coming year, leading to abundance and peace in life regardless of our external circumstances.

Navagraha Temple Yagya Series in Kumbakonam

We begin 2018 with a series of Navagraha (nine planet) temple yagyas to provide a long lasting and positive influence of balance and smoothness to our lives throughout the coming year.

These yagyas will be held over a ten day period in the part of southern Tamil Nadu famous for its temples devoted to the nine planets. The region is called Kumbakonam.

Each day the yagya will take place at a different temple appropriate to the day of the week, and will consist of an abishekam yagya in which liquid offerings (milk, sandalwood, sesame oil, honey, etc) are offered to the deity. We will perform yagyas in the Moon temple on Monday, Mars temple on Tuesday, etc. The series concludes with three days of fire yagyas at our temple in Kanchipuram.

Navagraha yagyas are especially important because they smooth out the effects of difficult planets like Rahu/Ketu, Saturn and Mars. This is a particularly powerful and useful time because Jupiter is retrograde until the beginning of July. 

Additional Yagyas included in the April Program:

The April yagya series also includes the 50 Priest Lakshmi Wealth Yagya to be performed in Pune, India on April 19 and 20.

An Akshaya Trittiya Yagya will be performed on April 18th.

In Pune, our Atharva Veda priests are performing a special Navagraha Yagya utilizing the more mystical elements of the vedic tradition such as yantras and special mantras.


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