Ten Day Sarva Devata - Family Harmony Yagya
($65 for the entire family)

The holiday season is typically centered around the family. Our Sarva Devata yagya program this month will invoke and honor all the gods and goddesses (sarva = all, devatas = gods and goddesses). This extensive yagya program is intended to deepen our spiritual connection to the gods and goddesses. In a practical sense, this will strengthen family ties, reduce tension among family members, and will support long term health, success, prosperity, and of course, enlightenment throughout the upcoming year.

In the vedic tradition, Kanchipuram is an exceptionally powerful place for yagyas to be performed. The temples are ancient and contain the power of countless repetitions of mantras, pujas, and yagyas. Our program this month will take place in a beautiful private temple in which all the gods and godesses are represented, making this an ideal place for our December program.

Each day of the program will feature a different yagya for a different aspect of divine intelligence according to the list below.

Ganesha - to remove obstacles to success and spiritual insight
Shiva and Parvati - for a happy family, good health and rapid progress towards enlightenment
Subramanya - for strength and dynamism
Saraswati- for the power of purity and wisdom
Vishnu - for health and and the protection of our dharma
Lakshmi - for all aspects of wealth and abundance
Hanuman - for strength and protection
Sudarshana/Narasimha - for protection from and power over our enemies, supporting family harmony
Navagraha (nine planets) - for balance and elmination of negative karmas
Pavamana Soma - for health, enlightenment, and protection from negativity

The broad focus of this yagya program is designed to touch on every aspect of life, spiritual and material.

Participants in these yagya programs report that they enjoy a sense of protection from the obstacles and usual ups and downs of daily life. Obstacles seem to be reduced and overall prosperity, abundance and enjoyment of life in general, and specifically family life is improved

Please join us!

Participants will also have the option of selecting a one priest private yagya for any deity. The contribution for a Private Yagya is usually $125. However, this month you can participate in the 10 Day Program and enjoy a private yagya for $125 instead of $190. In other words, the 10 day program is free when you participate in a private yagya this month.

Family Yagya Series

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Family Yagya Series
including a 1 priest private yagya ($125)

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