Our July yagya program is focused on the Guru in many different forms. The divine form of guru is called Dakshinamurti, a manifestation of Shiva - the destroyer of ignorance.

The first human teacher was a rishi (seer) by the name of Vyasa who was Dakshinamurti's first student. Vyasa organized the Vedas, wrote the Puranas (stories of the gods) and the Mahabharata which includes the famous Bhagavad Gita.

We have all enjoyed the benefit of a personal guru in one form or another. This yagya recognizes that aspect of the universe which brings the light of knowledge to our awareness, removes the darkness of ignorance, and ultimately brings enlightenment and god realization.

Our 10 Day Program wil start with the recitation of the complete text of Rig Veda followed by a Dakshinamurti Yagya. Every day our yagya will invoke the timeless lineage of all gurus who pass this knowledge down generation after generation.

Also on Guru Poornima. in Varanasi we will perform yagyas in a beautiful old temple devoted to Vyasa, as well as perform a special Dakshinamurti/Shiva yagya in our yagya shala. The following day we will provide a full meal to a group of sanyasi who have dedicated their lives to the enlightenment of all. This assures us of good health and adequate nutrition in our future lives.

In Pune this month, we will perform a special Dakshinamurti mystical yagya as well as the 50 priest Lakshmi Yagya.

These yagyas will enliven the knowledge principle in our lives. As a result, throughout our lives we will attract better, more enlightened teachers. The yagyas enhance our learning ability and purify our consciousness so that knowledge has a place to reside in us.

Astrologically, Jupiter has just completed a long period of retrograde (backward) motion and will return to direct, forward motion. Jupiter is ready to get busy and that makes this the ideal time for Jupiter yagyas. Jupiter is the planet of luck, spirituality, wealth, knowledge, and expansion in every area he touches.

Please jolin us in this unique and enjoyable series of yagyas.

Rig Veda Yagya for Health, Wealth and Enlightenment
including family members ($65 total)

The Vedas are the original source of the knowledge of yagyas, mantras and how to use them to support and protect all areas of life. Our November yagya program will feature the recitation of the complete Rig Vedas so that we gain the benefit of every yagya and every mantra contained within.

Rig Veda is the oldest of the Vedas and contains over 10,000 powerful verses and dates back to 1,500 BCE and consists of the procedures and details for most yagyas including two versions of the Soma Yagya, the Agni Hotra Yagya, Ashvamedha Yagya, the Sarva Medha Yagya, and special yagyas for our ancestors.

The effects of this yagya are profound and gradually increase our ability to realize our goals and aspirations, both spiritual and material. The series has naturally positive influence on our family and previous generations (Pitr Yagya) and our spiritual growth (Soma Yagya), health (Rudram and Mrytunjaya Yagya) and overall success in life (Ashvamedha Yagya).

The yagya will be performed over a 10 day period with vedic recitations in both the morning and evening.

Vedic recitation helps to manifest spiritual and material power, abundance in all forms, lessened obstacles and dramatically speeds our path to enlightenment. These spiritual texts have been carefully maintained with precision and accuracy by the lineage of Brahmin priests in India. This yagya not only benefits us directly, but is also a way to preserve and protect this profound and invaluable knowledge

Please join us!

Complete July Yagya Program ($65 - includes family)


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Your participation as a "maha" sponsor includes the complete 10 day yagya program as well as all four two week yagya programs, the Daily Yagyas and Foundation Yagyas. This subscription is billed at a discounted rate of $200 monthly on an ongoing basis until you discontinue.