Shiva Yagyas in the Rajamundri Shiva Temple, Andra Pradesh
($65 for ten days; June 18-27)

option to include a semiprivate yagya ($108.00 additional; $173 total)

Shiva Yagyas in the Rajamundri Temple

Our priests will be performing the entire 10 day program at a beautiful Shiva temple in Andra Pradesh called Rajamundri. The temple features a two story tall Shiva lingam made from a single crystal as seen above. It is a unique opportunity for us to be allowed access to the temple facilities. Our priests will participate in the daily abishekam ritual on behalf of the sponsors. In addition, we will be offering a series of semi-private yagyas to be performed at the temple.

Every morning, after the abishekam is performed (above) during the yagya program, our team of priests will perform a Shiva fire yagya (havan) for our participants.

In the afternoons, our priests will be available to perform semi-private yagyas for different forms of Shiva depending on the desired effect.

Participants can choose between:

  • Shiva Yagya for balance and spiritual insight
  • Mrytunjaya Yagya for health and enlightenment
  • Dakshinamurti Yagya for success in education and spiritual insight
  • Shiva/Parvati Yagya for family and marriage harmony

Each participant will have their own individual priest to perform the Rudra Abishekam for them. The entire group of priests will combine to perform the havan (vedic fire ritual) in order to maximize the number of mantra repetitions.

Please participate in this powerful and useful yagya series.


10 Day Shiva Yagyas
includes family members ($65)


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10 Day Yagyas ($65) plus a Semi-Private Yagya ($108)
Total combined $173
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Maha Sponsorship Subscription, billing monthly ($200/month)

Participate as a maha sponsor for 4 months and enjoy the daily yagyas, 10 day yagyas, and all four Two Week Yagyas.

Billing is by subscription and continues on a monthly basis
until you discontinue.

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