Chandi Path and Shiva Kavacha Intensive Yagya Series

Fourteen daily yagyas including two fire rituals

Chandi Path, or Durga Saptashati, is a 700 verse mantra that invokes the protective and transformative power of the Divine Mother. This mantra is especially powerful when used to support the elimination of obstacles to spiritual or material progress. Repetition of the mantra over a two week period adds to its already considerable strength.

Our experience is that the energy of Chandi benefits from the balance that recitation of the Shiva Kavacha provides. A Kavacha is a protective mantra that protects and soothes the participant. Additionally it gives a grounding balance to the energetic influence of the Chandi Path mantra.

Over time, this two week yagya program will provide gradual but consistent relief from difficulties and obstacles of all kinds. It is particularly valuable to those who wish to support and accelerate their own personal growth, especially from a spiritual perspective.

You can read a translation of the Chandi Path by clicking here.

You can read a translation of the Shiva Kavacha by clicking here.

The yagya program takes place the first two weeks of each month, beginning on a Monday and concluding on a Sunday.
The sacred fire rituals take place on Sundays.

2019 Schedule
January 7-20 February 4-17 March 4-17 April 1-14 May 6-19
June 3-16 July 1-14 August 5-18 September 2-15 October 7-20
November 4-17 December 2-15      

Monthly Subscription to the Chandi and Shiva Kavacham Intensive Yagyas ($45) (Three Month Minimum, monthly billing is automatic) 

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