Lakshmi Intensive Yagya Series

Two Week Daily, two fire rituals and one 50 priest Lakshmi yagya

for spiritual and material success and overall abundance

Lakshmi is the principle of abundance in all forms; both spiritual and material. This yagya series consists of daily 1 hour yagyas for the first two weeks of every month and each week of the program concludes with a vedic fire ritual on Sunday. The yagyas also include participation in our monthly 50 priest yagya.

The vedic tradition is based on techniques for developing spiritual and material success; yagyas and meditation being the most important. These techniques rely on repetition for their effectiveness. This program was created with that idea in mind; inexpensive yagyas repeated over and over so the the karmas which result in wealth and abundance are developed and strengthened.

Of course, abundance is more than money. Our experience with the yagyas has shown that their effects are as much spiritual as material. Participants report greater happiness, satisfaction, and contentment, harmony within the family, fewer frustrations with work, and an increased ability to have fun no matter the circumstances.

The yagya program takes place the first two weeks of each month, beginning on a Monday and concluding on a Sunday.
The sacred fire rituals take place on both Sundays during the 14 day yagya program.

2019 Schedule
January 7-20 February 4-17 March 4-17 April 1-14 May 6-19
June 3-16 July 1-14 August 5-18 September 2-15 October 7-20
November 4-17 December 2-15      


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