Mrytunjaya Intensive Health Yagya Series

Fourteen daily yagyas including two fire rituals

To protect health, develop peacefulness, promote enlightenment, and overcome severe obstacles

Mrytunjaya mantra is an especiallypowerful remedy for a number of challenges. It is mostly known for its effectiveness in restoring health and improving the effectiveness of health care and medicines. It is also known as being an effective way to ease the transition from this world at the end of life. We have found that this yagya is also effective as a remedy to the effects of the planets Saturn and Rahu. It is grounding and helps a person find stability and mental and emotional peace.

The vedic tradition is rich with techniques for developing spiritual and material comfort with yagyas and meditation being the most important. These techniques rely on repetition for their effectiveness. This program was createed with that idea in mind; an inexpensive complete yagya repeated over and over so the the karmas which result in health, happiness, and enlightenment are developed and strengthened.

The yagya performance also includes the recitation of the Manyu Suktam, a powerful mantra that helps to overcome severe obstacles. It is complementary to the Mrytunjaya mantra and gives the yagya great power to overcome obstacles.

For maximum effectiveness, this series is a supplement to participation in our other yagya programs such as the daily and 10 day yagyas.

The yagya program takes place the second two weeks of each month, beginning on a Monday and concluding on a Sunday. The sacred fire rituals take place on both Sundays during the 14 day yagya program.

2018 Schedule
March 19-April 1 April 16-29 May 14-27 June 11-24 July 16-29
August 13-26 September 17-30 October 15-28 Nov 19-Dec 2 December 17-30

Monthly Subscription to the Mrytunjaya Intensive Yagyas including
Manyu Suktam
($45)  (Three Month Minimum, monthly billing is automatic)

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