The Monthly Newsletter

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November 2013 Divali and Skanda Shasti Subramanya Yagyas
October 2013 Navaratri series in Kanchipuram
September 2013 Ancestor Yagyas in Varanasi and Sama Veda Yagyas in Kanchipuram
July/August, 2013- Health Yagyas in Palani, Tamil Nadu

Sept/Oct 2012 - 29 pages of images from Ganesha/Lakshmi, Ancestor, and Navaratri Yagyas
August 2012 - 20 pages of images from the Shiva Temple Yagya performed in Rajamundri, Andra Pradesh
June/July 2012 - 34 pages of beautiful photos from Rameshwaram, Kanchipuram and Varanasi
May 2012 - June/July yagyas, Six Photo Galleries, and a quote from the Gita
December/January - Shivaratri Plans, 2012 Schedule, Photos of Eclipse, Soma and Shiva temple yagyas

October/November 2011 - Eclipse and Soma yagyas, Photos of Divali, Navaratri and Saturn Yagyas, Saturn Predictions
September 2011 - Navaratri, Photos from the ShivaShakti, Ancestor, and Ganga Yagyas
July 2011 - Guru Poornima, Sanyasi Feeding, Photos from Eclipse program
June, 2011 - Mrytunjaya Mantra, Lakshmi, Jupiter, and Dakshinamurti Yagyas
May, 2011 - Rahu/Ketu Yagya, Hanuaman Yagya, the story of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk
April, 2011 - Hanuman Yagyas, Shiva/Parvati Photos, Jupiter and Dharma, Hanuman and Saturn
March, 2011 - Family Yagyas, Shivaratri Photos, Jyotish Articles, Are Gems Best?
February, 2011 - Shivaratri Stories, Saturn Retrograde, Ganesha Yagyas, Shiva and Astrology
January, 2011 - Yagya Schedule, Temple Photos, 2011 and Astrology Predictions, Yagya Results