Jyotish Consultation

"A child is born on that day at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future results. The chart, therefore, shows our mind pattern, our past conditioning, the mental impressions and patterns referred to as samskaras. The chart shows what we are now because of what we have thought and done in the past.”
Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda

The following process describes the way Jyotish can provide each client a comprehensive overview of their chart and an opportunity to delve deeply into areas of specific interest. A chart reading is an opportunity to develop an understanding about the dynamics of your own chart, the ultimate result of which is that your life will make more sense to you.

With this knowledge comes the power to act positively on your own behalf to reduce problems and obstacles and maximize enjoyment and peace.

The Process of Chart Analysis

1. Acquiring Data and Chart Calculation
In order to calculate your astrological chart we need to have (ideally in advance of the consultation) an accurate Birth Date, Birth Place and Birth Time.  Using the most advanced astrological software available, your chart is calculated and printed.

2. Verifying Chart Correctness
Accuracy of the astrological calculations depends upon the accuracy of your birth information. Even in today's modern hospitals birth times are recorded rather casually and can be off by as much as 15 mintues. So, we look at the chart and examine what would it says about you and your life; number of siblings, father's occupation, nature of relationship with parents, your occupation, education, etc. If there is consistency between your life and the factors seen in your chart, then we can be assured of a reasonable degree of accuracy in your birth time and therefore the accuracy of your chart and the analysis and predictions that are made on that basis.

3. Who you are; what your chart says about your personality
Your chart is a map of who you are; every part of the chart gives some insight into your character and the experiences of your life. By examining your chart in detail, we help you to gain insight into questions such as "Why do I experience life the way I do?"

4. Where you've been; what your chart says about your life experiences
A closer examination of your chart gives some insight into your life experience from birth to the present. Depending on your age, we will develop insight into the formative years of your childhood, school years, young adulthood, etc., up to the present.

5. Where you are now; what your chart says about your life experience at the present time
Using both your birth chart as well as some specialized charts; dasas, transits (gochara), and the Tajika annual chart, we examine your current life circumstances. We identify and develop insight into the current trends in your life and make meaningful predictions about what the immediate future holds. Since many people seek astrological analysis becauase of some current crisis or difficulty, the insight gained in this phase of the analysis frequently welcome and profoundly calming.

6. Where you are going; what your future holds
By now you will have seen how Jyotish can accurately describe both the past and present. Next we will examine what we can predict about future trends in both the near term and long term.

7. What to do; how you can maximize the good times and minimize the bad
We all know that life is a mixture of good and bad times. Jyotish is unique in that it includes specific spiritual practices that can be used to minimize any potentially difficult times and maximize the enjoyment of good times. More details on yagyas can be found in the section on remedial measures. Specific recommendations will be given to you on the basis of your chart and the astrological factors that are currently active.

8. Prasna; answering questions about the future
Jyotish also includes numerous techniques for answering questions regarding future events based on the time a question is asked. The answer is found by examining astrological factors prevalent at the time of the inquiry. This branch of Jyotish, called "prasna" can be fascinating and surprisingly accurate.

9. Spiritual Implications
Anyone who finds themself drawn to astrology undoubtedly has a sensitivity to, and interest in spiritual matters. Jyotish is unmatched in showing your spiritual strengths, and helping you to more accurately direct your spiritual efforts for maximum benefit. On request, our priests or pundits will provide suggestions for specific practices such as mantra japa and puja rituals that will be most effective for you.

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