Yagya Group Founders

Sri Narasimha Bhattar
and Benjamin Collins
Sri Seetharam Sastri
and Benjamin Collins

The Yagya Group was formed by Ben Collins and Sri Narasimha Bhattar following a trip to India in 1997. After enjoying several weeks of traditional Hindu yagya ceremonies, we returned and found that a surprising number of people in America were interested in access to effective and affordable yagyas. So we began offering them monthly, sharing the costs amoung the sponsors and donating the proceeds to the Venkateshwara temple in Malibu, California.

As the group expanded we wanted to be able to offer a wider variety of yagyas and use more priests.  So we were fortunate enough to purchase a facility in Kanchipuram, a wonderful temple town south of Madras.  With that, we were able to offer a greatly expanded variety of yagya services.  Seetharam was planning to move to India and so we were fortunate to be able to have him manage all the puja.net yagyas in person.

With the new facility and Seetharam's on-site presence, we currently offer yagyas every single day of the month in Kanchipuram!

Not surprisingly, the group has expanded to include participants from around the world; US, Europe, Scandanavia, South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The group continues to grow on the basis of the consistent results that the yagya performances bring.

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