A 10 Day Yagya to Develop Prosperity and Attract Divine Power
Full Ten Day Program - ($51)

Divali - Sunday, November 3rd
Special nightime Lakshmi yagyas performed in Varanasi.

Divali (also known as Diwali or Deepavali) is a traditional festival of light which is usually celebrated by lighting diyas (oil lamps) to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Traditionally it is a time when Lakshmi is happy, easily reached, and ready to bless the lives of her devotees.

It is great to listen to Lakshmi mantras on Divali.
You can find a collection of 24 different Lakshmi mantras and slokas here.

Skanda Shasti - Wed, 11/6 thru Thurs, 11/14

Skanda Shasti is the festival that celebrates the defeat of the demon Taraka by Skanda (also known as Subramanya or Murugan), who is the son of Shiva and brother of Ganesha.

Murugan is the embodiment of the dynamic cheerful energy of Mars and functions as the celestial General in the devas' eternal struggle against the demons.

Yagyas that are performed during Skanda Shasti help to balance Mars energies in our Jyotish chart, and greatly add to our personal power and ability to experience and
enjoy the divine in daily life.

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10 day - Divali and Skanda Shasti Yagyas
($51 per family)
Combine the 10 Day Yagya Program with 30 days of Daily Yagyas ($97)

Maha Sponsorship Subscription, billing monthly ($200/month)
Your participation as a "maha" sponsor includes every yagya that takes place during the month; Daily, 12 Day Group, Ati Rudra and Sahasra Chandi yagyas. The subscription is billed automatically each month unless you decide to discontinue.