Navagraha and Mystical Shiva/Jupiter Yagya
November 10th - 20th and November 22nd.

This month we are focused on the Nine Planets (Navagraha) because Jupiter is changing signs, Venus will be joining Saturn/Ketu/Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mercury will be retrograde through the end of November, and Saturn will be changing signs in January.

It's an active time astrologically and ideal for performing remedial measures to enhance the positive qualities of the planets and to reduce those that are negative and undesirable. When planets are making transitions from one sign to another, it's a time when they are most receptive to remedial measures and yagyas will have extra power and effectiveness.

We begin each day with a Ganesha puja followed by Rudra Abishekam, the recitation of Vedic hymns, pujas for the goddesses Durga/Lakshmi/Saraswati, Shiva, Vishnu, and the nine planets and twenty seven nakshatras. After the abishekam is completed, the priests light the yagya fire and repeat the recitations along with offerings of ghee and other ingredients. The daily ritual performance continues from 8 AM to 1 PM.

In addition to the Kanchipuram Navagraha program, our Varanasi priests will be traveling to a special 11th century Shiva temple called the Lingaraja Temple in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. This famous temple notably combines both Shiva and Vishnu worship as two aspects of one God. The Sun in uniquely honored every day with the offering of one half of a ripe plantain, the other half being shared with the divine guardians of the temple called Dwarapalaka. 

Shiva is the deity most associated with the planet Jupiter (Guru in Sanskrit). The Dakshinamurti form of Shiva is regarded as the first teacher (guru) and his qualities match those of the planet itself. Performing our monthly mystical yagya in this temple is timely and enhances our Navagraha theme perfectly.

When planets are out of balance, life has obstacles, troubles compound and solutions are difficult to find. When the planets are in balance, we experience fewer obstacles, troubles get resolved without delay and life is generally lived in a state of balance and contentment. In short, these yagyas will help add smoothness to life, reduce negativity and enhance our enjoyment of the upcoming year.

Please join us in this unique and timely opportunity.

Navagraha and Mystical Yagyas
Nov 10th - 20th and Nov 22nd.
$65 including the entire family