Maha Rudra and Shivaratri Yagya Series ($75) Feb. 11 thru Feb. 22
includes Ganesha Day, 11 Day Maha Rudra, Shivaratri night and Ganga Yagyas
(optional Daily Navagraha Puja option $97 total)

Our annual series of Shiva/Rudra yagyas beginning with a day long Ganesha yagya, followed by the 11 day/11 priest Maha Rudra yagya, multiple yagyas on Shivaratri night, and a soothing Ganga Yagya on the final day, Feb 22nd. It is also possible to add daily Navagraha Pujas to the program for $22. Shivaratri is a wonderful time for yagyas because it is considered to be the time that it is easiest to reach Shiva and to gain his blessings and protection for the followin 12 months. Shiva is experienced as deep silence and these yagyas amplify that aspect of our consciousness.

Our Kanchipuram priests will travel to Varanasi to perform the yagyas in a beautiful private temple just yards away from the sacred Ganges river. In addition we will have a full program of yagyas performed at the Varanasi ashram located outside the city, also located on the banks of the Ganges.

Sivaratri night will include two complete yagyas performed in Varanasi and an additional yagya program that will take place in Pune.

This will also mark the completion of our year long Ati Rudra Yagya of 14,641 repetitions of the Sri Rudram hymn from Yajur Veda.

Participants have the option of including daily Navagraha Pujas at the time of purchase.

Shivaratri Yagya series

Daily Navagraha option available
($97 total for both programs)

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To learn more about this important Vedic ritual and the traditions associated with it, please click here. You will find a complete explanation of the festival, plus links to yagya videos, text and translation of Sri Rudram and Chamakam - the Vedic texts used in this ritual. Also available are 10 podcasts on Shiva and an MP3 library of over 100 Slokas and Hymns to Shiva as well as the full recitation of Rudram and Chamakam.