Our June yagyas will continue our focus on health and protection with the addition of a series for the Navagraha (nine planets) because this is an especially challenging time astrologically.

We will have three upcoming eclipses; June 5th (Lunar), June 21st (solar), and July 5th (lunar). while eclipses are difficult in the larger scale of nations, they are immensely valuable from a spiritual perspective because the power of mantras, pujas, and yagyas is increased substantially. we'll have special programs on each of these days.

In addition, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto are all retrograde and Mercury will be retrograde starting June 18th. The Sun will be in Gemini (Mithuna) with Rahu until mid-July.

Retrograde planets demand attention and I think we can expect the mass demonstrations to continue. It is also likely that the fight against COVID19 may take longer and require more resources than people expect.

On a larger scale, this is not going to be an easy summer, but it is a valuable time for personal growth. This time with multiple retrograde planets is ideal for taking a look at the direction your life is taking, to contemplate changes and to do the reasearch and planning for the next phase. It is generally difficult to implement new plans during the time when major planets are retrograde, and that makes it valuable for introspection and spiritual practices.

There is no more powerful way to re-establish dharma (natural law) than through yagyas. The focus on social change is ultimately a focus on dharma - we want the world to be fair and just. As the quote from the Upanishads says, Truth and Dharma are one.

धर्मः तस्माद्धर्मात् परं नास्त्य् अथो अबलीयान् बलीयाँसमाशँसते धर्मेण यथा राज्ञैवम् ।
यो वै स धर्मः सत्यं वै तत् तस्मात्सत्यं वदन्तमाहुर् धर्मं वदतीति धर्मं वा वदन्तँ सत्यं वदतीत्य् एतद्ध्येवैतदवति ।।-Brhadaranyaka Upanishad

<<Nothing is higher than dharma. The weak overcome the stronger by dharma, even over a king. Truly dharma is Truth (Satya); Therefore, when a man speaks the Truth, they say, "He speaks the Dharma"; and if he speaks Dharma, they say, "He speaks the Truth!" For both are one.>>

We will continue with the daily health yagyas through the start of the July program on the 12th. We will add yagyas for each of the nine planets as well.

We begin, as always with Ganesha yagyas to remove obstacles where they hinder us and to create them when they protect us. The daily program includes the following:

  1. Mrytunjaya - the healing mantra associated with Shiva
  2. Dhanvantri - the form of Vishnu as Divine Physician
  3. Vedic hymns like Ayush Suktam (long life) and Pavamana Soma (strength)
  4. Ashwins - the gods of Ayurveda
  5. Mariamam - the form of Durga who cures disease
  6. Hanuman - for strength
  7. Santana Lakshmi - protects the health of children and families
  8. Veera Lakshmi - brings courage to face difficult obstacles
  9. Vijaya Lakshmi - who brings victory

Each morning our priests will perform our daily Rudra Abishekam followed by the yagya with the components as listed above. The entire yagya performance will take about 5 hours each day.

These rituals generate protective shakti (power) which will help to keep us safe and protected during these difficult times. Are yagyas a direct cure for COVID-19 or social justice? Not directly. Our experience over the years has been that the yagyas help bend circumstances in our favor particularly where health is concerned. In the long run, yagyas are a powerful force for good for all.

As the priests say at the end of every yagya;

"Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu";

May all beings everywhere enjoy peace,
happiness and a life free from suffering

Ten Day Health, Protection and Navagraha Yagya Series with
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