Nine Planet Navagraha Yagyas 11/21 to 11/30 ($75)
plus Jupiter changing signs and lunar eclipse yagyas
Four Day Divali Yagyas
Dhanvantri, Hanuman, Lakshmi, and Subramanya
November 12th - 15th

This month we are focusing on the Nine Planets (Navagraha) because Jupiter is changing signs and there will be a lunar eclipse on November 30th.

It's an active time astrologically and ideal for performing remedial measures to enhance the positive qualities of the planets and to reduce those that are negative and undesirable. When planets are making transitions from one sign to another, it's a time when they are most receptive and our yagyas will have added power and effectiveness.

This is an especially sensitive time because Jupiter is weak during the transition and will be moving into Capricorn where his positive energies are diminished (debilitated) and where he will join Saturn until April.

We begin each day with a Ganesha puja followed by Rudra Abishekam, the recitation of Vedic hymns, pujas for the goddesses Durga/Lakshmi/Saraswati, Shiva, Vishnu, and the nine planets and twenty seven nakshatras. After the abishekam is completed, the priests light the yagya fire and repeat the recitations along with offerings of ghee and other ingredients. The daily ritual performance takes place from 8 AM to 1 PM.

When planets are out of balance, life has obstacles, troubles compound and solutions are difficult to find. When the planets are in balance, we experience fewer obstacles, troubles get resolved without delay and life is generally lived in a state of balance and contentment. In short, these yagyas will help add smoothness to life, reduce negativity and enhance our enjoyment of the upcoming year.

We will continue our Daily Mrytunjaya Yagyas throughout the month.

Please join us in this unique and timely opportunity!

Navagraha and Four Day Divali Yagyas
Nov 12 - 15 and Nov 21 - 30
$75 includes the entire family