Hanuman and Manyusuktam Yagya
includes Ancestor Yagyas, Rahu/Ketu Changing Signs Yagya, and Daily Mrytunjaya Health Yagyas
($75 for the entire family)

The period when planets change signs, is the best time to perform yagyas to balance and enhance their positive manifestations. It is like they are more receptive and the yagyas have added power.

Each day during these yagyas, our priests will be performing a complete series of yagyas that will include Ganesha, to remove obstacles, Navagraha for all nine planets but with added emphasis on Rahu/Ketu and Jupiter, Shiva (Rudra) because he controls the planets, and the goddesses (Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati) for their blessings of abundance.
Rahu/Ketu Yagyas including
Hanuman/Manyusuktam and Ancestors Yagyas
($75 - family included)