Hanuman and Manyusuktam Yagya
includes Ancestor Yagyas, Rahu/Ketu Changing Signs Yagya, and Daily Mrytunjaya Health Yagyas
($75 for the entire family)

Hanuman is one of the great heros of the Ramayana; the divine monkey, son of the wind, who helps Rama rescue his wife Sita, defeats the demon Ravana and his army, and destroys Lanka. As such, his yagyas bring the qualities of strength, power, devotion to a higher reality, support of dharma (natural law) and contentment.

Hanuman yagyas are particularly good for softening and balancing the influence of Rahu-Ketu who are changing signs this month, calming Saturn and for strengthening the protective influence of the planet Jupiter who returns to direct (forward) motion this month.

According to the vedic tradition, the best time to influence the planets is just before or after they change signs, so this is the perfect month for Hanuman yagyas to soften the influence of these important planets, especially to strengthen protective Jupiter.

To listen to Manyusuktam Mantra, please click here (3 minutes)

Manyu Suktam is an ideal partner to the Hanuman yagyas. This mantra comes from the Rig Veda, 10th manala and consists of 14 verses that invoke Rudra (Shiva) to eliminate enemies, obstacles, and purify bad karmas and ill health. The text reads in part:

Come here Manyu, mightier than the mighty; chase away our enemy... bring to us all kinds of wealth and treasure. I may be small and weak, O Manyu come to me and give me vigour.

O Conquerer, born with power and a destructive bolt of thunder, the highest conquering might is yours...Unyielding bring victory like Indra, O Manyu...give us the wealth of both sides gathered and collected; And let our enemies with stricken spirits, overwhelmed with terror, creep away and be defeated. 

Please join us in this powerful and productive yagya series that is
especially valuable at this time of chaos and uncertainty.

Hanuman/Manyusuktam and Rahu/Ketu Yagyas
($75 - family included)

(participation includes the Ancestor Yagyas, Sept 15,16,17