Ashta Lakshmi - the eight forms of the goddess

Our yagya program this month is intended to strengthen family ties, reduce tensions, and support long term health, success, prosperity, and of course, enlightenment for everyone in our family. These are difficult times and we all need the light and abundance that Lakshmi brings.

In combination with the Dasa Avatara Yagyas for Vishnu, we are covering all of our bases this month to increase protection and dharma at a time when it is most definitely needed.

Traditionally, there are eight forms of Lakshmi which when taken together
represent all forms of success and abundance in life.

Adi Lakshmi - the first and most fundamental form of Lakshmi who embodies all others
Dhana Lakshmi - Lakshmi who gives money and gold
Dhanya Lakshmi - Lakshmi of food and grain
Gaja Lakshmi - Lakshmi who protects wealth and gives the power of royalty
Santana Lakshmi - Lakshmi who gives children and protects the family
Veera Lakshmi - Lakshmi who gives courage and overcomes obstacles
Vijaya Lakshmi - Lakshmi who gives victory in all forms
Vidya Lakshmi - Lakshmi who gives knowledge and bestows enlightenment

Participants in our yagya programs report that they enjoy a sense of protection from the usual ups and downs of daily life. Obstacles seem to be reduced, problem solutions are available, and overall prosperity, abundance and enjoyment of life is increased.

August, 10 Day Vishnu and Lakshmi Yagyas ($75)