Navaratri Yagyas in Kanchipuram 9/25 - 10/5
plus Daily Soma and Protection Yagyas through 10/10
($85 or $108 when combined with Ancestor Yagyas)

Navaratri is a special time of year when the energy of the goddesses is readily available. The Nine Nights of the Divine Mother celebrates the blessings of Lakshmi, Durga, and Saraswati that we enjoy throughout the year. These rituals deepen our connection with the deities and enhances both our spiritual and material progress toward success and enlightenment.

Every morning, our priests begin at 8 AM with Rudra Abishekam and the other components of the daily yagyas (Navagraha, Mrytunjaya, etc) and perform Chandi Path (shakti or goddess) fire yagya concluding at 1 PM.

In the evening, the priests will recite the Saundarya Lahiri which is a traditional hymn/mantra of 103 verses that invoke the blessings of the beautiful form of the goddess called Tripura Sundari. At the same time another group of priests will recite the 1008 names (Sahasranam) of Lalitha; another form of the most beautiful and generous goddess.

We begin with a full day Ganesha yagya to remove obstacles of all sorts. The final day, Vijaya Dashami, features special pujas for Saraswati who is honored on this day of victory; symbolic of the victory of light over darkness and joy over suffering. 

Over the Nine Nights we have developed a close connection with the energy of the goddesses and we continue with daily Soma and Protection Yagyas to deepen and stabilize the spiritual advancement from the previous weeks of yagyas. Our priests will perform both Pavamana Soma and Manyu Suktam Yagyas in addition to Rudram Abishekam on a daily basis through October 10th.

These yagyas are profoundly purifying and eliminate old stresses and bad karmas. As a result life is lived with more freedom, happiness and satisfaction.


Participate in the
complete Ancestor
and Navaratri Yagya series ($108)

Participate in the Navaratri Yagya series only ($85)

When you sign up, you will have space to enter names and optional birth data for the members of your family. You only need do this once when you sign up. We retain the family names on file and you can update them at any time.

For those who are interested in learning more abut these yagyas we offer the following:

English translation of the complete Chandi Path text.
(also known as Durga Saptashati or Devi Mahatmyam)

Complete MP3 recitation of Chandi Path; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Lalitha Sahasranam - 1000 names of the Divine Mother

PDF Text of Saundarya Lahiri is here in English and Sanskrit.