Daily Yagyas

Virtually every spiritual practice that finds its basis in the ancient Vedic tradition, relies on repetition for the strength of its effects. With that in mind, we have designed four different ways to enjoy the benefits of yagyas on a daily basis.

Our experience over the past 15+ years is that many smaller yagyas bring greater and longer lasting benefits than a few large private yagyas and are significantly less expensive as well. In addition to giving a little boost every day, the Daily Yagyas develop a "spiritual momentum" and the effects are commonly experienced as a greater ease in life, fewer obstacles, better luck, and a sense of spiritual protection. Obstacles and troubles in life do not miraculously disappear, but they no long overshadow the way they used to and solutions appear more readily.

The center of the program is the daily 1 priest yagya performed in Kanchipuram. This yagya includes Ganesha (removes obstacles), Rudra (Shiva) Abishekam, Mrytunjaya (health), the goddesses Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati (wealth, strength, wisdom), and the Navagraha (nine planet) Yagyas.

Your 30 day subscription starts the day after you subscribe and continues for the following 30 days. Because these yagyas are performed every day - on an on-going basis - you can start any time.

Daily Yagyas including 10 Day Yagyas
($97/month) Renewal is automatic each month until you wish to discontinue.