Daily Planetary Yagyas
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Daily Planetary Yagyas throughout the month to balance and enhance the planetary energies.
These yagyas help to
develop personal power, dissolve difficult karmas and bring greater peace and enjoyment to life.

In the vedic tradition, the Nine Planets (Navagraha) are regarded as the deliverers of our karmas. When we enter this life, we have a set of karmas that we will experience during this lifetime. This is called our "prarabdha" karma. Some of these karmas are fixed and some are variable, the outline of which is seen in our jyotish astrological chart. Yagyas help minimize karmas so that we grow and evolve faster and with less struggle.

Our good karmas and challenging karmas are seen through the position and interrelationship of the planets in our birth chart. The planets don't cause events to occur, rather they act as portals through which karmas flow into our lives. Planetary yagyas use the planets as a means of addressing the karmas that we are destined to experience and to alleviate them. Each day the yagya is focused on the planet and nakshatra that define that day.

These yagyas focus on the planet of the day as follows:

Monday - Moon/Chandra
Tuesday - Mars/Mangal
Wednesday - Mercury/Buddha
Thursday - Jupiter/Guru
Friday - Venus/Shukra
Saturday - Saturn/Sani
Sunday - Sun/Surya
Rahu/Ketu have no day of their own.
Rahu is honored on Saturday and Ketu on Tuesday








In addition, the Moon moves through a series of 27 constellations. Each Nakshatra supports different activities and gives a unique quality to the day.
Ashwini Swati
Bharani Vishaka
Krittika Anuradha
Rohini Jyeshta
Mrgashira Mula
Ardra Purva Ashadha
Punarvasu Uttara Ashadha
Pushya Sravana
Ashlesha Dhanishta
Magha Satabisha
Purva Phalguni Purva Bhadrapada
Uttara Phalguni Uttara Bhadrapada
Hasta Revati
Each day the priest performs the planetary yagya for the planet/nakshatra combination. That gives us a boost and, in the long run, alleviates karmas so that life is lived to its fullest in a more harmonious, productive and spiritually satisfying way.

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Daily Planetary Yagyas
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