Lakshmi Yagyas

The Vedic tradition offers a number of remedies for those who wish to use spiritual means to attract overall abundance into one's life. These consist of pujas and yagyas that attract the support of nature, and personal mantra practice to accelerate the process.

Lakshmi represents every form of abundance and enjoyment in life. She is more than cash and includes more meaningful forms of wealth such as family, food, knowledge, success, ability to defeat enemies, etc. By performing this yagya we bring into our life more and more of these manifestations of Lakshmi's grace.

We begin the yagyta with Ganesha mantras and offerings because we need to remove any potential obstacles to the success of the yagya and our desire to accomplish our personal goals.

It is unrealistic to think that one can order a yagya and suddenly more money will find its way into our bank account. Rather, this yagya helps to create the life situation in which that can happen. Over time, we find that the yagya attracts opportunity and takes away obstacles to greater success. Certainly this will require repetition of the yagya over time.

On the other hand, when faced with a situation where one already has opportunity, this yagya is an effective way to maximize success and accomplishment. It can be a useful boost.

The rituals use special mantras to dissolve accumulated karmas that delay or deny the experience of abundance in life. These mantras are performed by priests who have spent many years mastering them and who have also received training in the performance of the traditional rituals themselves. They can be perfomed as a 5 priest/5 hour yagya or a 1 priest/3 hour yagya.

Private yagyas are performed at our facilities in Varanasi (North India) or Kanchipuram (South India) by our teams of exceptionally qualified priests and pundits. For the one and five priest yagyas we take photos of your event and forward them to you afterwards.

During the puja or yagya, your name and nakshatra (vedic star) is read aloud in the sankalpam (statement of purpose) along with your intention for the yagya performance.


5 Priest - 5 hours ($300)

1 Priest - 3 hours ($125)


Ganesha/Lakshmi Yagya for abundance

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