Mrytunjaya Yagyas

Mrytunjaya literally means "victory (Jaya) over death (Mrytu)", but it is much more than that. This mantra, associated with Shiva, is excellent for health, dealing with a difficult Saturn, removes fear and anxiety, and assures a smooth passing from this world.

Any time someone has a health related issue, whether it is an illness, a surgery, accident, or cronic condition, this yagya is very effective. It boost your recovery, improves the effectiveness of medicines, and helps to attract the skilled care that you need.

When a lifetime has reached its conclusion, this yagya helps the transition into the next world to be smooth and without fear. The influence of the yagya is to bring peace and calm so that the passing can be comfortable. It frequently has the effect of delaying passing so that the individual can say goodbye to family and friends. When they are ready, then the transition happens naturally.

The planet Saturn delivers some of our more difficult karmas and the Mrytunjaya yagya brings peace and calmness during those difficult times. Shiva is recognized as being in charge of the planets and so this yagya is a little like getting the boss to ask the employees to go easy on you.

From the vedic perspective two things are important when considering the use of spiritual means to affect change in our lives; repetition and consistency. The Vedic literature is full of stories where yogis and the gods perform spiritual practices for long periods of time in order to get what they want. These rituals and practices can work surprisingly well, but they take a degree of time and dedication in order to deliver the desired effects.

This ritual uses a special mantras to dissolve accumulated karmas. These mantras are performed by priests who have spent many years mastering them and who have also received training in the performance of the traditional rituals themselves. They can be perfomed as a 5 priest/5 hour yagya, a 1 priest/3 hour yagya, or as a 30 minute puja in a temple.

Private yagyas are performed at our facilities in Varanasi (North India) or Kanchipuram (South India) by our teams of exceptionally qualified priests and pundits. For the one and five priest yagyas we take photos of your event and forward them to you afterwards. The temples in which we perform the private pujas do not allow photos, but we will send images of the temple itself so you know where your puja was performed.

During the puja or yagya, your name and nakshatra (vedic star) is read aloud in the sankalpam (statement of purpose) along with your intention for the yagya performance.

5 Priest - 5 hours ($300) OR 1 Priest - 3 hours ($125)

Mrytunjaya Yagya

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