Shraddha and Pitri Yagyas

The Vedic tradition of India believes there is a connection between the living and their ancestors and that during our time on earth, we benefit from the blessings of our ancestors or suffer from their displeasure or discomfort.

These rituals which are intended to support and heal our relatives who have passed away. It is said that these rituals benefit our ancestors for seven generations into the past and the benefit persists into the future for seven generations.

The Vedic funeral ritual is called Shraddha. It is typically performed after an individual passes away and the intention is to smooth their transition into the afterlife. We want them to be comfortable and happy.

The ritual can be performed at any time, although most often it is performed shortly after a person's passing and near that date annually. This ritual is a private yagya that is performed by one or more of our specially trained priests and pundits as seen below.

The other ritual takes place every year in the fall and is called Pitru Paksha. This is a period of time in which all generations of one's ancestors are honored with rituals to symbolically feed and protect them.

We offer a special 3 or 4 day program of ancestor rituals as a group during this festival. The specific dates of the change each year because the timing is based on the lunar calendar but it generally takes place in September.

When you sign up using the links below, you will have the opportunity to enter your details and those of your ancestors for whom you are sponsoring this yagya.

Private Shraddha/Pitru Yagya

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