Bagalamuki Yagyas

The Bagalamuki yagya is a special yagya that is used when faced with a dispute in which your opponent is known and there is an upcoming decision that will affect you in some significant way. This yagya promotes a peaceful and equitible resolution of the issue facing you. There is no harm to your opponent - only the development of a healing and softening energy that can support coming together for the common good.

Bagalamuki is a form of the Divine Mother who is shown holding the tongue of a demon. Mythologically, she has the power to hold back our enemies and prevent them from doing us harm.

The yagya is performed at night in Varanasi, North India, from midnight to four AM. It requires pundits who are especially trained in the performance of this yagya.

Generally the yagya should be repeated on a monthly basis from the time the situation arises to the time it is fully resolved. When that is done, this yagya is one of the most reliable that we offer.

During the puja or yagya, your name and nakshatra (vedic star) is read aloud in the sankalpam (statement of purpose) along with your intention for the yagya performance. After you have made payment for the yagyas, please click here to send us your birth time/date/place so that your nakshatra can be calculated.


5 Priests - 5 hours ($300)



Bagalamuki Yagya