Creating Wealth and Abundance Yagyas
Ganesha, Durga/Chandi and Lakshmi Intensive Yagya Series

Daiy Yagyas throughout the month to develop power, remove obstacles to success, and enhance prosperity.

Creating wealth is an appropriate goal for participants in our yagya programs. This new program focuses on the development of our personal power in order to attract opportunities for wealth and material success in all forms. The essence of this program is a series of yagyas that are performed every day throughout the month. In total, you will enjoy four Ganesha Yagyas, twelve Chandi Yagyas and twelve Lakshmi Yagyas in this series.

We start with a Ganesha Yagya every Saturday to remove obstacles to success. This is followed by three days (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) of Chandi/Durga Goddess Yagyas to enhance our ability to act effectively in the world and to attract opportunities for the development of material prosperity. Lakshmi Yagyas are performed every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

The development of material prosperity requires personal strength and initiative. The goddess Chandi is the natural force of change and transformation, both of which are needed if we are to evolve into a state of material and spiritual abundance. The Chandi Path mantra is the focus of these yagyas.

Lakshmi is widely regarded as the goddess of money, but there are eight forms of Lakshmi each of which reflects a form of her abundance.

  • Dhana Lakshmi - wealth

  • Dhanya Lakshmi - food 

  • Gaja Lakshmi - the power of royalty, rise in life 

  • Santana Lakshmi - family 

  • Veera Lakshmi - courage 

  • Jaya Lakshmi - victory and success 

  • Vidya Lakshmi - knowledge

The results of these yagyas will generally be to enhance all areas of life, especially those listed above. Sometimes, Lakshmi gives money, but more frequently she brings greater satisfaction, contentment, and happiness. If there is the potential for wealth in your astrological (jyotish) chart, then yagyas will help it to manifest fully. If there isn't great wealth potential, then these yagyas will help to develop it. This is not a "perform a yagya and get rich" program. Wealth is the result of good karma and Lakshmi's blessings. These yagyas develop good wealth karmas. When they bear fruit is up to Lakshmi!

Grenerally, participants report greater happiness, satisfaction and contentment, harmony within the family, fewer frustrations with work, and an increased ability to have fun no matter the circumstances. That's abundance in life and is ultimately more valuable and satisfying than financial wealth.

The vedic tradition is based on techniques for developing spiritual and material success; yagyas and meditation being the most important. These techniques rely on repetition for their effectiveness. This program was created with that idea in mind; inexpensive yagyas repeated over and over so the the karmas which result in wealth and abundance are developed and strengthened.

These yagyas take time to develop their full results. Each sponsor is welcome to participate for as long or short a period of time as they wish. Every yagya reduces obstacles to success (Ganesha), adds to your personal power (Chandi), and supports the growth of abundance in life. We all start from where ever we are in our cosmic development and with the assistance of the yagyas, we progress steadily from there. These yagyas will not make you an overnight millionaire, but with your yagya participation and effort in daily life, the results will be satisfying and abundant. It just takes time.



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