The Maha Sponsor Yagya Program

Join the "Maha Sponsor" Program and you will become an honored participant
in every yagya that we perform during the month!

The Maha sponsor program has been one of our most popular yagya innovations. Since everything in the vedic tradition relies on repetition for its effectiveness, the goal of this program is to maximize the number of yagyas in a month.

As a Maha Sponsor, your name is included in the sankalpam (statement of purpose) for each of the following yagya series.

-Ati Rudra Shiva Yagya performed in the famous temple in Chidambaram
-Daily Yagyas
-10 Day Yagyas
-3 Day Foundation Yagyas
-Daily Mrytunjaya Health Yagyas
-Daily Lakshmi Abundance Yagyas
-Daily Family Harmony Yagyas
-Daily Navagraha Yagyas
-Daily Overcoming Obstacles Yagyas
-Daily Spiritual Yagyas

Maha Sponsorship Subscription, 4 month minimum, billing monthly ($200/month)

Participate as a maha sponsor for 4 months and enjoy the full program as outlined above.

We ask for a minimum participation of four months is a minimum particpation, and although you can cancel your participation any time, most individuals continue for much longer. Within the first few months, most people experience noticeable benefit.

Billing is by subscription and continues on a monthly basis until you discontinue.

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