Mystical/Enlightenment Yagya Series

A monthly yagya series in Varanasi to promote spiritual growth

To protect health, develop peacefulness, promote enlightenment, and overcome severe obstacles

Varanasi is the oldest continually populated city in the world. As such the area is full of ancient temples, many of which date back over 2,000 years. These temples provide a great opportunity to offer yagyas in place where the pathway to the transcendent divine is well established after centuries of pujas, yagyas and mantra repetition.

Each time we offer one of these yagyas, participation will be free for those are a part of the monthly yagya program. Non participants can sign up on this page. The fee is a modest $27. Details on the temple in which it will be performed, its history and any special features of the temple will be posted in our newsletter.

The yagya program takes place on or near the Full Moon each month.


If you are currently participating in any yagya program,
there is no charge and you are included automatically.

You only need to sign up if you are not currently a yagya participant
. ($27)