According to the Vedic tradition, the planets are the means through which our karmas are delivered to us. The karmas that we are destined to experience in this life can be seen through the birth chart, calculated according to Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). The vedic tradition also deliniates the means through which we can resolve these karmas through traditional rituals, and alleviate the obstacles and suffering that we would otherwise experience.

The program maintains that a consistent focus on the continuous repetition of deity and planetary yagyas is the most effective long term method for removing the sorts of obstacles and problems that make life less enjoyable. But for those who want to focus on specific planets and their manifestations, private planetary yagyas are a very effective method of doing so.

These yagyas are performed at our facilities in Varanasi (North India), Kanchipuram (South India), or Pune (West India) by our teams of exceptionally qualified priests and pundits. For the one and five priest yagyas we take photos of your event and forward them to you afterward.

The Weekly Yagyas offer an inexpensive way to have yagyas performed througout the month. You can participate for 1 month or as a subscription at a lowered cost.

During the puja or yagya, your name and nakshatra (vedic star) is read aloud in the sankalpam (statement of purpose) along with your intention for the yagya performance. Your payment form has space for your your birth time/date/place and a place to list any family members you'd like to include.

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1 Priest - 3 hours

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