Saturn and Rahu/Ketu Intensive Yagya Series

Fourteen daily yagyas including two fire rituals

There is no doubt that Saturn and Rahu/Ketu can be the most difficult planets to balance. Frequently we experience that they bring obstacles, frustration, and disappointment. Saturn takes 2 1/2 years to move through a sign and Rahu/Ketu 1 1/2. As such slow moving planets they leave us feeling stuck and blocked.

On a positive note, these planets can be highly beneficial and can bring us benefits that exceed those of the easier planets like Jupiter and Venus. But it takes time and patience to do so. These yagyas can take the sting out of their influence and maximize the beneficial effects.

Experience has shown that smaller yagya repeated over and over have a much stronger effect compared to larger yagyas performed once or twice. This yagya program has been designed to be inexpensive so that long term participation is affordable.

Over time, most people's experience is the two week yagya program provides gradual but consistent relief from difficulties and obstacles of all kinds. It is particularly valuable to those who wish to support and accelerate their own personal growth, especially from a spiritual perspective.

The yagya program takes place the second two weeks of each month, beginning on a Monday and concluding on a Sunday. The sacred fire rituals take place on both Sundays during the 14 day yagya program.

2020 Schedule
January 20-Feb 2 Feb 17-March 1 March 16-29 April 20-May 3 May 18-31
June 15-28 July 20-Aug 2 August 17-30 Sept 21-Oct 4 Oct 19-Nov 1
Nov 16-29 December 21-Jan3        

Monthly Subscription to the Saturn and Rahu/Ketu Intensive Yagyas ($64)
Suggested three month minimum
Monthly billing is automatic until you wish to discontinue.