Pavamana Soma Yagya

The yagya comes from the Rig Veda, the longest and most ancient of the Vedas. We have asssembled a uniquely qualified team of Rig Veda pundits who will be performing this yagya for us every month.

During the yagya the pundits begin with two hours of Rig Veda recitations. Then they will perform our usual schedule of pujas and yagyas; Ganesha, Navagraha, Lakshmi/Durga/Parvati, Mrytunjaya and Rudra Abishekam. Following that, the traditional Rig Veda Pancha Sukta Pavamana ritual will be performed with the mantras and offerings specific to this sacred ritual.

Starting with this month, we are offering this yagya as a part of our monthly 10 day of Group Yagyas. We will conclude the series in December with a full 10 days of Pavamana Soma Yagyas.

Traditionally, this yagya series is performed in order to remove any bad karmas created during this lifetime, and to support the development of our nervous system so that it support enlightened consciousness and divine awareness.

Pavamanir dishanthu nah,
Imam lokamadho aamum,
Kaamaan samradhayanthu nah,
Devir devai samaabhruthaa.

Those who are purified by Pavamana Suktham,
Enjoy fully this world as well as the next,
Their wishes will be fulfilled,
And they will be united with gods and goddesses
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