An astrological consultation is a unique opportunity to take a closer look at the nature of your life experience. Your jyotish chart maps the talents and challenges you were born with, and contians a record of the events that have taken place in your life.  When used properly, it gives an indication of what is yet to come.  Armed with that knowledge and your free will, you can then find greater confidence and exert great control over the flow of events as your life unfolds.  The result of this process is a greater understanding and peacefullness about your life experience.

With this knowledge, you become empowered to act on your own behalf in a variety of ways; changing attitudes, knowing how long a trend will last, and taking advantage of the traditional Vedic yagya rituals to enhance the good and reduce the bad events and circumstances that are coming in the future.

In short, Jyotish combined with Vedic Yagyas are an unmatched tool for enabling you to take control of your life and enjoy the most success, enjoyment, peace and enlightenment possible.

There is no charge for astrological consultations for those who are enrolled in the yagya program.

Jyotish Consultations
The Philosophy of Jyotish, by Marc C. Boney, MA